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Are Twitter Playing with Fire??

Twitter have recently announced they will start a real time function, where you will receive pop up notifications when someone direct messages you, follows you, favourites a tweet, or gives you a retweet. According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the feature

“When you’re logged in on, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets. You can also receive notifications for direct messages and new followers. They’re fully interactive, so that you can reply, favorite, retweet, and follow right from the notification.”


Although you will be able to turn this feature off in settings, it does pose the question, are twitter over complicating things? Twitter is known and loved for its no gimmicks experience and this may annoy some users who enjoy the basic user experience that twitter can offer.

This along with their  “Promoted Tweets” are definitely going to ruffle some feathers. Although for us marketers the news of the facebook revamps is enticing as they intend to have new mobile ad models. Twitter will become a new platform for advertising.

Twitter’s new look very much resembles the Facebook profile page. (see below). I’m not sure if this is the most idiotic move twitter has ever made, or somewhat genius. We all know facebook is going nowhere but downhill, so I wonder why Twitter are trying to resemble them? Maybe they see a gap in the market for those who love the setup of Facebook but are turned off using the site.


Twitters new profile page now has a “Best Tweets” function and a “Filtered Tweets” function where the most favorited, or interacted with tweets with show up bigger on your newsfeed. I’m sensing a little of Facebook’s filtered newsfeeds here. I wonder if Twitter are on a slippery slope here and ask, why try fix something that isn’t broken??